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FRED MOOLTEN is a songwriter whose work has inspired superlatives
in music circles ("mesmerizing" - Michael Allison, Global Muse;
"poetic, touching...memorable" - Jenny Ivors, Rambles).  Still, he is
largely unknown to the public because he is not a performer.  Great
Gull Records, producer of Moolten's three previous albums, has assembled
a notable cast of singers and performers to record his most recent songs
in a new album, Snakebite And Valentine. Nine songs from Snakebite
And Valentine, and several from the other albums are now offered here
as an invitation to Internet audiences to become familiar with the
lyrical and musical artistry of this new presence on the music scene.

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The song played to open this page is "Fear Of God"
from the album "No Other Prize" - see below. 


It Won't Be Me
When her lover leaves her for someone else,
a woman dreams of what she will tell him
when he begs her to take him back
(Maureen Budway)

Corner Of Snakebite And Valentine
Country rhythm, Greek mythology, and a light
touch on a serious theme of contemporary
(Dale Cinski)

Fred Moolten songs are difficult to classify.  He refers to himself as a writer of “folk, with a touch of blues, and a hint of country and jazz”, but as critic Ben Ohmart and others have pointed out, the songs often transcend genre. A unifying theme is a reliance on melody and harmony to reinforce lyrical themes ranging from intimate to philosophical, and from light-hearted to intensely emotional. The themes may be strange or familiar, but the insight that illuminates them remains personal and timeless, unlikely to diminish with future changes in music fashions.  Insight has no formula, and even a single subject may be seen from different perspectives. Are our relationships haunted by their past? Listeners should compare "Corner of Snakebite And Valentine" with "Afraid To Fall".


Fear Of God
Religion and violence have been married a long time
(Jay Hitt)

Singer and guitarist Dale Cinski is coproducer of SNAKEBITE AND
VALENTINE. Also performing under the name Dale Vincent, he has recently
released his own album of original songs entitled Blue Sky Flyin'

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The other singers featured on this album include Maureen Budway,
venturing outside of her familiar role as jazz vocalist, pop vocalist Donnie
Marsico, actress and blues singer Maria Becoates-Bey, and Indira
Corales, lead singer for the Latin Group Azucar.

Featured from the album NO OTHER PRIZE are Lisa Hindmarsh
("Cat Lullaby") and Jay Hitt ("Fear of God", "Phantom Love").  Jazz
vocalist Hindmarsh, whose own most recent album is Chamomile Tea And
Other Delights
, also recorded "Waiting For The Midnight Blues" for
MOONLIT RIVER.  New Orleans pop and soul singer Vernon Phillips
recorded "Coming To The Valley" for THE WAY WE ARE.


Afraid To Fall
You can get back together,
but it won't be the same
(Maureen Budway)

Resting Place
Oblivion is the final resting place of pain and joy
(Dale Cinski)

Midnight Fugue
Blues, then a soliloquy (by the songwriter)
fantasizing a one-night stand
(Maria Becoates-Bey)

A latin invitation to the dance
(Indira Corales)

Phantom Love
"How many years have passed now since
the night when we both cried?  What's lost is
long beyond recall in winter, summer, spring"
(Jay Hitt)

I'll Swear I'm Not In Love With You
A love song
(Dale Cinski)

Biographical information, notes, reviews, and additional audio samples
of Fred Moolten songs can be found at eFolkMusic-Fred Moolten,
Fred Moolten CD reviews, and CDBaby-Fred Moolten.


Cat Lullaby
Anyone who has put a pet
to sleep knows this story
(Lisa Hindmarsh)

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Coming To The Valley
Walking through life from dawn until the shadows
(Vernon Phillips)

Notes about three songs:

"Corner Of Snakebite And Valentine":  In mythology, Orpheus, son of
Apollo and the Muse Calliope, was blessed with such musical gifts that no
persons, nor even the trees or rocks could withstand their charm. Devastated
when his young wife Eurydice succumbed to the bite of a snake, he journeyed
to the depths of the Underworld, where he played his lyre and sang of his
grief to Pluto, begging for her release.  Unable to resist these entreaties, Pluto
agreed, with a condition: while she followed him from the depths, he must not
look back until they reached the upper world.  As he was about to emerge at
last into the world of the living, Orpheus impulsively turned around to be
sure that Eurydice still followed.  At that instant she disappeared, and was
lost to him once more, this time never to return.


Infidelity and turmoil in a troubled marriage
(Donnie Marsico)

Late At Night
Wishing at the end of the day
"Late at night I think of you"
(Dale Cinski)

"Fear Of God": Although the CD "No Other Prize" was not released until
2005, the song was written early in 2001, several months before September
11.  It was not inspired by that horror, but by Palestinian/Israeli violence.
The "Mount" that the song refers to is the site in Jerusalem where Abraham
is said to have offered his son Isaac as a sacrifice to God, and where in
Islam, Mohammed is believed to have passed while ascending to a tour of


Waiting For The Midnight Blues
"Blues my companion 'til the dawn"
(Lisa Hindmarsh)

"Cat Lullaby": Those who hear "Cat Lullaby" are likely to respond in ways
that reflect their experience.  No-one who hears Lisa Hindmarsh's rendition
of the song is likely to doubt that she has "been there".  Song lyrics and
listener comments can be found on the Cat Lullaby page.

Promise To The Future

This is the latest in a series of songs and videos related
to climate change. A  music video version is available
on YouTube at Promise To The Future

The audio version is downloadable here:
Promise To The Future
The two versions differ in effect.  The audio version
focuses attention on the song content, and appeals to
listeners engaged in efforts to address climate change.
The music video, through its images, places audiences
more in the role of spectators than participants -
more something to be watched than acted on.


Easter Island

In December 2007, a music video was recorded that recounts the
history of an island civilization that thrived and then crashed due
to an ecological disaster of its own making.  This work, entitled
"Easter Island" is not for sale, but is rather a gift to those concerned
with what we today are doing to our own planet from global warming
and other forms of environmental devastation.

To hear and see "Easter Island", and for additional details of the
story, please visit:

Easter Island


Earth Anthem

A music video reminder that the Earth is entrusted to us
to leave to our children as unspoiled as it was when our
parents passed it on to us.

Earth Anthem



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